Introducing GoCheck Kids

Preventing Permanent Vision Loss in Children

World’s first smartphone photoscreening app

Developed by ophthalmologists, GoCheck Kids™ provides primary care providers a comprehensive vision screening solution so they can diagnose sooner and facilitate more efficient clinical decision-making.

For the 25 million children between the ages of 6 months and 5 years, there is a strong unmet medical need for GoCheck Kids photoscreening. More than 15% of children have risk factors for amblyopia, yet less than 20% of children receive proper vision screenings.1,2 Additionally, amblyopia treatment efficacy declines beginning at age 5.1

By helping pediatricians detect amblyopia risk factors in patients at such a young age, GoCheck Kids can help children get treatment early, when treatment is most effective, which can help prevent permanent vision loss.3-6

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