Partnership opportunities with Gobiquity

Gobiquity™ Mobile Health partners with companies and corporate entities across the pediatric market to establish creative and mutually beneficial partnerships.

Who should partner with Gobiquity?

  • Companies/corporations focused on the pediatric market (encompassing pediatricians, parents, and children)

Why partner with Gobiquity?

  • Gobiquity has developed and launched the world’s first comprehensive mobile vision platform
  • Gobiquity’s unique mobile vision technology suite is conducive to broad deployment and will be expanded across additional pediatric and adult specialty diagnostics
  • Gobiquity is focused not only on pediatricians, but also on pediatric patients and their parents/caregivers

For more information

If you are interested in partnership opportunities with Gobiquity Mobile Health, please contact Kent Westervelt at 913.952.5179 or complete a brief form to contact us.

GoCheck Kids, part of the GoCheck mobile vision technology suite, manufactured by Gobiquity, Inc., is a smartphone-based photoscreener that screens for amblyopia risk factors (anisometropia, myopia, and hyperopia) in children aged 6 months to 5 years. It provides the electronic storage of data and uses non-downloadable software.
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