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Introducing our flagship innovation: GoCheck Kids™

Gobiquity™ Mobile Health’s flagship innovation, GoCheck Kids, the first of many products to be released from our GoCheck™ Kids mobile vision technology suite that addresses pediatrics and adult primary care.

GoCheck Kids is the world’s first and only comprehensive vision screening app, combining objective (mobile photoscreening) and subjective (digital visual acuity) into a single smartphone app. GoCheck Kids uniquely facilitates childhood vision screening in accordance with AAP and AAPOS guidelines.

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GoCheck Kids, part of the GoCheck mobile vision technology suite, manufactured by Gobiquity, Inc., is a smartphone-based photoscreener that screens for amblyopia risk factors (anisometropia, myopia, and hyperopia) in children aged 6 months to 5 years. It provides the electronic storage of data and uses non-downloadable software.