About Gobiquity Mobile Health

A mobile technology company focused on primary care

Gobiquity™ (gō-ˈbi-kwə-tē) Mobile Health, based in Scottsdale, Arizona, is a mobile technology company specializing in mobile vision technology. Gobiquity’s innovations bring actionable specialty testing to primary care, so physicians can be more effective and efficient at providing preventive care and early detection for their patients.

Founded by renowned ophthalmologist Dr. David Huang, co-inventor of optical coherence tomography (OCT) imaging technology, Gobiquity is leading their mobile technology product development in the field of vision screening with their flagship application, GoCheck Kids™. Gobiquity’s long-term plan includes expanding into additional pediatric diagnostics and then adult primary care, and multiple mobile technology applications are currently in development that would serve these additional segments. Collectively, Gobiquity’s product pipeline addresses a multi-billion dollar market opportunity.

By staying ahead of market trends, Gobiquity is providing mobile technology solutions that capitalize on the widespread use of image-based technologies to increase practitioner efficiencies and improve clinical outcomes for millions of patients. Additionally, Gobiquity’s business model allows for positive economics by tapping into diagnostic categories with validated payer reimbursement.
(www.gobiquity.com | www.gocheckkids.com).

Investment information

Gobiquity is a privately funded company founded in 2010. Led by CEO Andrew Burns and a seasoned management team, Gobiquity secured Series A funding from InterWest Partners in July 2013.

GoCheck Kids, part of the GoCheck mobile vision technology suite, manufactured by Gobiquity, Inc., is a smartphone-based photoscreener that screens for amblyopia risk factors (anisometropia, myopia, and hyperopia) in children aged 6 months to 5 years. It provides the electronic storage of data and uses non-downloadable software.
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